Manufacturers, fabricators, and distributors all leverage Material Test Reports. These documents are often referred to as mill test reports, mill test certs, mil test certifications, material test certifications, and a plethora of other names. This also one of the biggest problems associated with this incredibly important document. There is very little industry-wide uniformity when it comes to MTRs. Most documents are arranged in no particular fashion and are often translated from foreign languages as a result of global commerce. Unfortunately, keeping track of the hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of these documents (which some of our customers do) can be more than a full-time job. That’s why we’ve developed a configurable MTR software solution that works directly within Epicor ERP. It allows businesses to create, specify, modify, and interact with MTRs in ways that make managing them simple, straightforward, and efficient.

A Configurable MTR And The Supply Chain

The MTR is a document that lives in the supply chain. The better the grip you have on your MTR library, the better equipped you are to serve your customers and suppliers, from the forge to the final destination and everywhere in-between.

a image of the material test report or configurable MTR software use in the supply chain


Configurable MTR Software

Our software allows users to create dynamic Material Test Reports (MTRs), driven off material specifications and built against lots. You can leverage superior flexibility and traceability, without having to waste time and drill down into part transactions.

MTR Specification

The configurable MTR solution we have developed enables businesses to include an array of report data, including:

  • Boolean specifications
  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical properties
  • Custom specifications

MTR Expansion Capability

Build on supplier documents and assign your own in-house testing results to an MTR for easy reference and/or printing that supports multiple MTR attachments for individual lots.

The Difference

Creating and referencing Material Test Reports no longer has to be a slog through disorganized documents and processes.

With this simple, effective, and configurable  MTR solution, you can create, connect, and control these critical documents, from receipt to reference, all within your Epicor ERP system.

The Details

  • Print lot MTRs alongside shipment details or create a barcode/QR code labels for instant PDFs.
  • Optional report requirements can be assigned for each individual specification.
  • Assign required MTR test results in Part Maintenance to reconcile against part numbers.
  • Include supplier documentation and test results as attachments.
  • Generate and print customizable MTRs as standard SSRS reports.

The Story Behind MTRs

Watch this quick educational video to understand what our configurable MTR solution can do, as well as learn the answer to the three most common MTR questions:

  • What is an MTR?
  • Why is an MTR important?
  • Who benefits from their use?

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