doxsteel fasteners joins with encompass for epicor cloud erp deployment

Case Study: Doxsteel Moves to Cloud ERP with Epicor and Encompass

This blog post was written by Steve Brust, VP of Operations, Doxsteel Fasteners. Doxsteel Fasteners of Woodlands Texas

This blog post was written by Steve Brust, VP of Operations, Doxsteel Fasteners.

Doxsteel Fasteners of Woodlands Texas was founded by industry leaders to bring to market the only no-seize fastener in production. Through continued technological advancement, the Doxsteel team backs every fastener they produce with a five-year warranty.

Doxsteel Fasteners Chooses Epicor Cloud ERP

Choosing Epicor Cloud was easy: We are fastener experts, not IT experts. A cloud-based ERP would mean more resources devoted to our true purpose, and less resources for maintaining servers and keeping IT staff on payroll.

When I arrived at Doxsteel, the company had picked a different software solution that was clearly the wrong choice early on in its implementation. As I said, in our defense, we are fastener experts…

doxsteel fasteners joins with encompass for epicor cloud erp deployment

Since the company was fairly new at handling ERP, Doxsteel were not fully aware of all of the functionality our ERP system would require. The system the previous implementation consultants had installed was basic and it did not cover all of our needs. Changing our ERP was my first goal after I looked into the system and discovered that even going beyond the basic system would not cover our needs. The prior team struggled with understanding the needs of the company, and their out-of-the-box product, combined with customization, still would not deliver.

I had been involved with installing Epicor in the manufacturing industry twice before, so I knew what needed to be done. Epicor had features that were specific to our industry, and Encompass had the ability to take it to the next level with their custom solutions, such as allowing us MTR Material Test Report customization.

Even though the solution seemed as easy as just ‘switching to Epicor,’ it’s still a challenge. In my first install experience the learning curve was two full years, but after that we were able to understand how to use the software so that it worked for the company, instead of forcing the company to bend to fit into the software. My second install at another company was much easier.

Doxsteel is now in the beginning stages of transitioning to Epicor, and I am looking forward to getting up and running faster and better than ever before. Encompass has a great team, they get it, they ask all the right questions until they understand it well enough to make the tool work the way we need it to.

Being based in Houston, Hurricane Harvey highlighted the benefits of a cloud based system to us – Mother Nature might try and get in our way, but the cloud will still work!

That is another reason why using the Cloud works better for us versus having an on-site software system and hardware. If we had all the servers right here and we flooded out it would have shut down our operation not only in the US, but down in Mexico, unless we had the extra cost of a redundant system located there as well. An ERP system leaving us ‘high and dry’ is definitely a good thing in this case!

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