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DMC 2019 / DMSMS 2019 Recap

The Encompass team has returned from DMC 2019 / DMSMS 2019 in Phoenix. We had exceptional conversations, learned

The Encompass team has returned from DMC 2019 / DMSMS 2019 in Phoenix. We had exceptional conversations, learned quite a bit from industry leaders, and started on the path to a few strategic partnerships. All of these activities will benefit our current and future customers. Like all conferences, there are ups and downs, as well as ways in which the event delivered and fell short. This event was no different we’re glad to have the opportunity to share our findings with you. Here’s a high-level account of what we learned.

The Big Picture At DMC 2019

We had the opportunity to hear from and speak directly to the leading manufacturers supplying our defense forces. Companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics headlined the event. However, smaller manufacturers far outnumbered industry heavyweights. These SMBs keep the United States at the top of aerospace and Defense technology. Their achievements and efforts are no less integral or noteworthy.

At the Defense Manufacturing  Diminishing / Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Conference, additive manufacturing took center stage. This technology is a solution to the problem of parts and material shortages. Aerospace and defense industries, forces, and researchers are looking to additive manufacturing technology to deliver on the acquisition of parts and components that no longer have reliable procurement sources.

Unfortunately, according to the university professors, high-ranking military personnel, and manufacturers we spoke with, additive manufacturing is not where the technology’s marketers would have you believe it is. The technology is still very much in its infancy. It doesn’t have the reliability that industrial manufacturing processes possess. In short, 3D printing can’t yet meet the tolerances, conformance and compliance requirements that many aerospace and defense applications require. The tech is too new to be reliable. So, for now, 3D printing is relegated to consumer markets and non-essential components. However, everyone agreed that in a few year’s time, this technology will be much closer in delivering on those expectations.

Where We Fit In

Encompass Solutions maintains a wealth of industry knowledge in manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution. Not only this, but the Epicor ERP solution and peripheral products are perfectly aligned to assist our most integral and transformative defense industries. This helps in keeping our servicemen and women at the forefront of technological superiority. Many of the manufacturers supplying our defense forces have engaged Encompass to leverage our expertise and solutions. We look forward to continuing the conversations started at DMC/DMSMS 2019.

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