David Gustovich Discusses 2019 Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturers and Manufacturing solution providers are eager to learn about what industry leaders and professionals forecast as the 2019

Manufacturers and Manufacturing solution providers are eager to learn about what industry leaders and professionals forecast as the 2019 Manufacturing trends to keep a close eye on. NetSuite’s Senior Director for Global Manufacturing Center of Excellence David Gustovich sat down in a recent interview with Hayley Null, NetSuite’s Manufacturing Industry Marketing Lead, to discuss the 2019 Manufacturing Trends he expects to see take root.

This interview was previously published on the Netsuite Blog, here.

2019 Manufacturing Trends

Hayley Null: What do you recommend that manufacturers pay attention to in 2019?

David Gustovich: Based on my research and conversations with our manufacturing customers, 3 main trends will affect manufacturing companies in 2019.

  • State-of-the-art technology becoming more widely accepted
  • The potential slowdown of the global economy
  • Greater adoption of new revenue channels, including servicing

Null: How does the increasing adoption of state-of-the-art technology (i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, the Internet of Things) help manufacturers gain a competitive edge?

Gustovich: As 2019 progresses, more and more companies are going to embrace this advanced functionality than ever before. Next-generation technology can be used as a strategic weapon to allow manufacturers, and companies in general, to manage their businesses more profitably and efficiently, increase operating effectiveness, better serve customers and create new revenue channels. Specifically, companies can drive more effectiveness in their global supply chain (form order management, procurement, delivery, logistics, distribution, managing partner, and outsourcing networks), which is always a top priority for manufacturers. Through better visibility and awareness, these technologies open new doors that weren’t there before.

an image of blockchain technology as one of the predicted 2019 manufacturing trends

Null: How should manufacturers prepare for the risk of a potential global economic slowdown?

Gustovich: To ride some of the turbulent waves of any potential downturn, manufacturers are investing more in customer service and maintaining business continuity. One of the areas manufacturers are investing in specifically is inventory management. Manufacturing companies must ensure they have the correct inventory alignment, meaning not carrying more inventory than they need, to keep inventory costs low while meeting customers’ expectations. The bottom line is that manufacturers are, or should be, looking at new initiatives that will allow them to come out of a possible slowdown stronger, and maintain or gain a competitive edge against the competition.

Null: You mentioned that manufacturers can use technology to create new revenue channels- can you speak a bit more about how manufacturers are creating new revenue channels? 

Gustovich: One of the most prominent ways to diversify revenue channels is through eCommerce, mobile and social media. Manufacturers must fully embrace these platform capabilities as an outlet to drive new revenues (acquire new customers, retain current customers, increase brand recognition) and create new customer experiences (diversify product line, add after-sales servicing) – or fall behind.

an image illustrating that manufacturers will needs to step up customer experiences as one of the big 2019 manufacturing trends

Null: We’ve been discussing what lies ahead for manufacturers in 2019. Switching gears, were there any big surprises for manufacturers in 2019? 

Gustovich: I would say that the biggest surprise was probably the amount of receptivity and visibility that AI and Blockchain are starting to gain in the marketplace. How accepted these capabilities are becoming is a good barometer of things to come.

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