It’s been said that the only thing worse than drinking a warm beverage is watching someone else drink a cold one. This doesn’t have to be a fate you’ll taste any longer thanks to an exciting new twist in beverage packaging technology.

On-Demand Chilled Beverage Packaging Technology

The new technology Chill-Can presents improves the manufacturing ability of such options, making it a viable option for beverage manufacturers. Using liquefied CO2 as the coolant in this Heat Exchange Unit (HEU), this two-piece twist mechanism makes the simple chilling of beverages while on the go a reality. In total, it takes about 80 seconds for the activated product to cool the beverage kept inside its housing. The device can even be shaped for specific applications, be it 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, or any other style of beverage can.

The device itself weighs about 150g grams and will lower the affected beverage’s temperature by around 30 degrees. Makers of the Chill-Can, The Joseph Co., currently hold 31 patents that pertain to the unique technology, its manufacturing process, and the HEU coatings.

The Chill-Can currently costs consumers an additional $1.50 on top of the cost of the associated beverage, a price point the market has quickly responded to and, according to Joseph, retailers “couldn’t keep them on the shelf.”

Going Beyond Beverage Packaging Technology And Manufacturing

The Chill Can beverage packaging technology has enjoyed resounding approval from consumers since its debut, but many look forward to applications that benefit humanity beyond quenching thirst on a hot day.

The medical field stands to benefit greatly from this mobile chilling technology. Organs being transported from donors to recipients are an obvious application, but fragile medicines and lab samples that need to be kept cool while in transit are other applications that will likely benefit from this technology as it develops.

The full Packaging Digest article on the Chill-Can and an interview with, the chairman/CEO of The Joseph Co. Intl and West Coast Chill, Mitchell Joseph, can be found here.

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