The article “7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Data Safe” was previously published by Epicor Chief Information Officer Rich Murr, here. It’s challenging to understand how to keep your data safe and secure from hackers. Whether you’re moving your IT assets to the cloud, keeping them on-premises, or taking a hybrid approach, data security is a top […]

As the East Coast prepares for Hurricane Dorian, the Encompass Solutions team wants to share critical resources to those in the path of the coming storm. If you are evacuating, please take advantage of the many resources below our friends at I.T. Works Recruitment have been kind enough to share. The list of resources has […]

Tax compliance is a challenging undertaking for a business of any size. Regulations are changing constantly at local, state, and federal levels. Business relationships with suppliers and customers undergo similar changes regularly. All of this ties into how tax liability is organized, calculated, and addressed. Streamlined sales tax can deliver the answers your business needs […]

What Is Budgeting Process Improvement? When it comes to gauging corporate performance, the less time spent on non-revenue generating processes, the better. Unfortunately, the budgeting process is essential to proper performance and forecasting. That means mistakes can’t be afforded. Not only do you want to reduce the time and errors associated with manual budgeting in spreadsheets, but […]

Change within an organization is never easy. However, when the competition is forcing you to increase efficiency around lead times and manufacturing process improvement, ERP may be the secret weapon that can get your business on the right track to innovation. In an industry where agility is rarely a recognized quality, ERP solutions can bridge […]

When it comes to an ERP implementation or ERP upgrade, there are a significant number of factors to consider. Not only will you have to employ essential and proven ERP selection strategies, but getting the job done in a reasonable amount of time can be just as important. For some, it’s more important. Here are just […]

November is usually the month where businesses big and small are mobilizing in their effort to tie up loose ends and prepare for the new year with a business year-end checklist. December is crunch time and the more room to operate you leave your business before year-end the better. Finish up this year and begin […]

When it comes to factory operations, being reactive only addresses issues after they’ve become problems. If you want to stop issues dead in their tracks before they have an opportunity to snowball into problems, being proactive is the only way to go. Leveraging cutting-edge ERP solutions can give you the insight you need to see […]

In the last few years, automation has scaled with technological innovation exceptionally well. Manufacturing industries and consumers both are reaping the benefits every day. Hardware, like industrial robots, and enterprise software, like NetSuite and Epicor ERP, are working together more efficiently than ever before to refine processes for manufactures and deliver high-quality products to consumers. […]

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