As I mentioned in the previous post, a bigger concern in 4G Versus 5G Wireless Technology is a physics problem – more specifically, an electromagnetic spectrum issue. If you’ll recall from your science class days, the electromagnetic spectrum is a collection of all known frequencies in the universe [reference image below]. Here in the United […]

As with any next-generation technology, headwinds and setbacks are bound to occur. When I hear the word headwind, I immediately recall my days as a road-warrior consultant and the vast number of airline miles I’ve racked up through the years. On occasion, an airliner will encounter headwinds slowing it down, but it keeps flying and […]

NASA has been busy developing advanced manufacturing technologies at its research and development labs for decades. Recently, they announced 2019 advanced manufacturing technologies that have real viability in the public sector. 2019 Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Revealed By NASA While their advanced manufacturing technologies are initially developed for use in aerospace applications, many are applicable to an […]

5G wireless technology has a lot of potential. In this post, I will explore several of the front-running industries setting themselves apart by taking advantage of 5G. Ten years ago, autonomous vehicles were just getting started and were thought to be something out of “The Jetsons”. Fast-forward a few years and we finally have driverless […]

Before talking about the future, we need to reminisce a bit. Remember when 4G technology was a pioneer in wireless networking? Remember when everyone wanted the latest smartphone so they could stream videos, check Facebook or be the first to tweet about something the Kardashian’s did? Remember when everyone was excited about the latest-n-greatest and […]