The needs of aerospace and defense manufacturers are increasingly complex, requiring coordination and efficiency from decision-makers to staff carrying out day-to-day operations, just like the teams they are empowering in the field. Those needs are growing more complex by the day according to this review of the defense industrial base, conducted in 2018 by the […]

Epicor designs and builds its enterprise applications from the ground up using state of the art connected systems architecture, referred to as the Epicor Business Architecture. A connected systems focus was chosen because enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems thrive as high-performing, approachable services that connect people, systems, and processes. Business strategy today is tightly coupled […]

If you’re not already testing your Epicor Cloud ERP system in Pilot, you should be. There are just two weeks left to test Epicor Cloud ERP 10.2.500 changes in your Pilot environment. The Epicor Live (Production) environment upgraded to 10.2.500 will take place on October 12 – 13, 2019. Testing Epicor Cloud ERP 10.2.500 In Pilot […]

Epicor Internet Component Environment, more commonly known as Epicor ICE, is a business system architecture. It fortifies the Epicor enterprise business software and offers a true service-oriented architecture. This agile business process enabling technology builds on an already complete and robust framework. It is designed to help customers use and enhance Epicor applications at a […]

Designed and fully-integrated into Epicor ERP, the Epicor Mobile Warehouse is the next generation of handheld applications for the warehouse environment. A modern and intuitive application, Epicor mobile warehouse provides complex sort and filter options for users that include both part level and bin level validation. Scan validation is a configurable feature as well. Shortcuts […]

The Epicor ERP cloud framework is one that modern businesses are increasingly looking towards with interest in more agile and efficient operations. Lending the environment necessary to deliver leading intelligent ERP software to businesses all over the world, cloud ERP systems are not a fringe fad, but the platforms of the future. Epicor ERP Cloud […]

Summer is a season know for bringing the heat. For many of us working-types, that heat can take the form of reporting and analytics on a business’ latest efforts and performance over time. Unfortunately, that’s not a heat we can avoid in our climate-controlled, AC-cooled offices, desks, and cubicles. However, that heat can be beaten […]

Epicor ERP 10.2.400 Release is Now Generally Available With this latest Epicor ERP 10.2.400 release, Epicor continues to deliver on its commitment to be the cloud ERP provider of choice. Epicor announced its strategic partnership with Microsoft AzureTM in May 2018, and that relationship has deepened and evolved as Epicor’s cloud business grows globally. The […]

Insights 2019 is the annual Epicor user and partner conference that convenes each spring. It is a place where users and partners can experience first-hand training and education on the latest Epicor software and tools to empower businesses. Keynote speakers deliver insights on industry trends and where the company is directing efforts over the coming […]

The Epicor ERP 10.2.400 update is the first of two major upgrades planned for 2019. Epicor’s cloud ERP solution update cadence is a commitment to helping businesses grow through innovation at a manageable pace in-line with manufacturing industry trends. Major releases like this bring benefits of cloud deployment to customers in the form of improved usability, enhanced […]

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