The decision to choose one ERP system over another is a difficult one for manufacturers to make. The evaluation process is extensive and requires juggling a business’ unique requirements, a product’s specialized offerings, the partner relationship, and so much more. Here’s how one of our customers weighed the pros and cons of Epicor versus IQMS to […]

A business unit of CSA Ocean Sciences, SeaRobotics is an SMB that is transitioning from a custom-engineered and prototyping house into a manufacturer of configurable autonomous maritime vehicles. Theirs has been an engineer and build to order process that they would like to standardize into more of a configure-and-build from standardized components driven by new investors. SeaRobotics […]

The Challenge Briskheat currently utilizes Epicor ERP to run their organization’s production activities and admin tasks. A critical component of day-to-day operation, Epicor is used to track projects, manage time, more accurately schedule and plan production activities, as well as collect essential data on processes throughout their production and admin facilities. Prior to bringing on […]

Case Study: Kaufman Container Kaufman Container has enjoyed substantial returns on its investment in Epicor ERP software thanks to skilled consulting, implementation, and training services provided by Encompass Solutions, Inc. and Epicor Software Corp. MORE INFO The Project For Kaufman Container Kaufman had been running several non-integrated systems prior to the implementation of Epicor ERP. During that time, these […]

We recently sat down with Masterbuilt’s Director of Information Systems Cristina Robinson to discuss the company’s utilization of Encompass Solutions’ Managed Services, manufacturing top-of-the-line cooking equipment, and the future of Masterbuilt. Here’s what Cristina had to say about the company and where she hopes to see growth enabled by the essential services Encompass Solutions and […]

Encompass Solutions recently sat down with Metaphase Technologies President Kevin High to discuss the company’s current Epicor ERP implementation, manufacturing custom vision and lighting solutions, and the future of Metaphase. Here’s what Kevin had to say about his company and where he’ll be taking it with the advanced capabilities Encompass Solutions and Epicor ERP will […]

In an effort to scale operations alongside the company’s recently enjoyed growth, Metaphase has contracted the services of Encompass Solutions to implement Epicor ERP, train staff, and support operations through Go-Live and beyond. With the project plan finalized, implementation, testing, and user training are projected to be completed by the end of this year. Find […]

Doxsteel Fasteners recently achieved a significant milestone in bringing its Mexico-based operations up to speed with a complete implementation of Epicor version 10 software and user training for their Mexico-based teams. Skilled consulting, implementation, and training services provided by Encompass Solutions, Inc. ensured the project was a success. MORE INFO The Project For DoxSteel Fasteners […]

The Project For Sunlight Supply One of the most powerful factors of the ERP systems we install are customized solutions working hand-in-hand with preexisting tools tailor-made for specific industries. Let’s take a look at how we helped one of our clients, Sunlight Supply, further refine their process and increase their efficiency with two solutions. Sunlight Supply, Inc., […]

This blog post was written by Steve Brust, VP of Operations, Doxsteel Fasteners. Doxsteel Fasteners of Woodlands Texas was founded by industry leaders to bring to market the only no-seize fastener in production. Through continued technological advancement, the Doxsteel team backs every fastener they produce with a five-year warranty. Doxsteel Fasteners Chooses Epicor Cloud ERP […]