In Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), an EDI 856 Advance Shipment Notification (ASN) is most commonly utilized as a method of shipment confirmation between a supplier and retailer. The 856 provides visibility for inbound shipments, automation of receiving, and confirmation for direct vendor-to-consumer shipments. An EDI 856 Advance Shipment Notification is typically insufficient to fully comply with EDI standards. […]

In Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), an EDI 850 Purchase Order (PO) is most commonly utilized when placing an order for goods or services. The 850 is most widely used in general merchandise, while its counterpart, the EDI 875 Purchase Order, is reserved for grocery items. An EDI 850 purchase order is typically insufficient to fully comply with […]

Encompass Solutions recently purchased SaberLogic’s EDI Integrator. The powerful tool is capable of integrating cutting-edge EDI efficiency, convenience, and security into an array of ERP platforms. We have brought on new resources to assist in the migration of existing customer data, deployment to ensure the product continues to run smoothly, and ongoing development of the Encompass Solutions […]

In Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), an EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry is most commonly utilized when suppliers want to provide available and future inventory quantities, either corporately or by ship from location. The primary purpose of an EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry is for a supplier to provide a purchaser with a number of goods currently on-hand and on-order, […]

In Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), an EDI 830 Planning Schedule With Release Capability is essentially an electronic sales forecast. You can think of an EDI 830 planning schedule with release capability as an electronic version of a paper planning schedule. Used primarily in the manufacturing industry this document exchange is reserved for when manufacturers are communicating with […]

In Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), an EDI 810 is the electronic version of a traditional paper invoice. Used primarily in the manufacturing and retail industries, an EDI 810 Invoice is sent by the vendor or supplier to a retail partner or distributor to request payment for products and/or services. While the EDI 810 invoice is the most […]

This year, the 15th annual International Business Awards (IBA) has honored Epicor Software Corporation with two significant awards. The event itself exists to celebrate and recognize innovators and collaborators throughout the world that are dedicated to business growth. Epicor International Business Awards 2018 honors reinforce the company as a heavyweight in providing industry-specific enterprise software solutions on […]

Oracle NetSuite Banking as a Service has just announced as a solution to the issues facing modern banking. The cloud-based solution provides banks and financial institutions with the tools needed to differentiate services and improve their customers’ overall experience. Oracle NetSuite Banking As a Service Oracle NetSuite Banking as a Service further expands on banks’ capabilities […]

If you haven’t heard of Manufacturing Day, the series of events is designed as a celebration of modern manufacturing and serves to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Talks, open houses, and guided tours of manufacturing facilities across the country take place on the first Friday in October. This year, Manufacturing Day takes place on Friday, […]

We’re excited to announce that Encompass Solutions will be exhibiting our consulting expertise, business services, and Epicor ERP solutions at the annual Georgia Manufacturing Summit 2018 on October 10th at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia. Join us at booth #33 for a day of learning, networking, and discovery into what the latest ERP technology […]