In a global marketplace where speed, change, and the demand for innovation are accelerating challenges, the expectations of ERP have changed. ERP is no longer simply about cutting costs, but rather about enabling businesses to grow and take advantage of new opportunities (and avoid unexpected risks) as they emerge. We at Encompass solutions work with […]

Encompass and Saberlogic partner on many projects aimed at enhancing performance through better utilization of barcode systems. For years the gold standard on the shop floor has been to use dedicated barcode scanners to replace time-consuming and error-prone manual keyed entry. Unfortunately, many mobile applications require the user to verify that they are in the […]

We have developed a solution as an enhancement to the base credit card processing module that Epicor provides. We replace a DLL (dynamically linked library) with an updated one that looks for events involving capturing of funds or sales (where it is an authorization and capture all in one). When we receive that event we […]

Quick: Think of something scarier than navigating and understanding the tax code! Okay. Are you done? If your top three looks like ours—which are navigating and understanding the tax code, giant spiders, and regular sized spiders—then we’ve got good news for you! One of the things we’re not afraid of is finding ways to make […]

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. -Albert Einstein The essence of reaching out for help is never an easy task. We live in a “can do” society, where independence and self-sufficiency often define who we are or at least how we are perceived by others. The […]

The EDI Specialist Is Definitely Something You Need. So: what is this EDI specialist business that you’ve been hearing about? Great question, let’s answer it with another question: Do you like jumping through hoops and going through tedious manual processes when trying to interpret or convert the most simple, but sometimes most important, electronic documents […]

  I’ve been reading many opinion articles lately about ERP implementation, and shooting for the New Year, January 1, as the day the new software goes live. None of them had a particularly rosy outlook on that goal: Your employees, if they’re not all still on vacation, won’t be back into the rhythm of things […]

Tis’ the season for the 12 steps of Fiscal year planning for the 12 periodsof the fiscal year, to ensure you enjoy the 12 days of Christmas… IF at (Financial Management/General Ledger/ Setup/Fiscal Calendar/ Selected Calendar) Latest FY = Current FY+1 THEN Go to the Twelfth Step of Fiscal Year planning ELSE Add a New […]