Change management is a term that is broadly used in the Information Technology realm. It’s also a concept that often drives an organization, a group of people or a process from one stage to the next. In order to comprehend the complexities of change management, the concept of change must first be understood.  Change is a […]

Nothing strikes fear deeper into the hearts of people than change. It doesn’t matter if they know the change will be good—“This system has never worked for us and a new, better one will improve our business,”—or bad—“We need to expand beyond our current system and it’s going to be very expensive and time-consuming.”—it’s still […]

It’s 6:47 AM. The hotel shower doesn’t always wake you up all the way so I started the coffee maker going before I was even fully dressed. The warm plastic smell rising from the maker as the hot coffee winds around inside of it reminds me of that one injection molding company I was at […]

Looking for internship at a job fair can be an overwhelming experience. As an student at North Carolina A&T State University aspiring to kickstart my career, I went to the fall career fair intent on finding a summer internship. I left the career fair without a single business card or an ounce of confidence that […]

What does it take to run a marathon? Beyond the shoes designed to perfect a runner’s stride, the clothing that frees movement and creates comfort, a diet of both quick and long-lasting energy, and mental preparation, there’s hours and hours of training, exercise, form drills and cardio and weights and more: Months and months of […]

If Henry Ford and Thomas Edison had your email inbox, we’d probably ride horses to work and read our reports by candlelight.  Information is the brain fuel of our businesses, that much is true.  However, email, unnecessary meetings, and worse – constant interruptions – have turned that fuel into the business equivalent of the Twinkie.  […]

ERP has been around for almost as long as the internet, pagers and bag phones helping businesses standardize processes, increase efficiency and sales through access to data. Epicor ERP has been able to keep pace with the changing needs of businesses (that bag phone was a little clunky) and has incorporated social business functionality reflecting […]

Do Everything This sounds ridiculous on the surface yet most of us are guilty of attempting to do it all on a daily basis. When it comes to work, it is easy to become distracted by the things that are not the focus of the thing we make or the service we provide whether it […]