The latest release of Epicor Advanced Requisition Management (ARM), v10.3 SP5, is here! In addition to features incorporated as part of Epicor ERP’s scheduled product roadmap, the updates in this release have been influenced by requests received from Epicor ARM customers. Email notification enhancements, mandatory attachments and updates to standing orders are just some of […]

We had an amazing time in Orlando, FL last week during Epicor’s annual partner training event, Ignite. The Encompass team got a firsthand look at some of the biggest developments coming to users in the near future. The Epicor Kinetic Framework, Collaborate social tool, cloud infrastructure advancements and so much more were on display. The […]

Epicor ERP is a robust and intuitive solution designed to meet the demanding requirements of manufacturers across the globe in addressing the challenges of corporate and operational growth. The platform is available on-premise, hosted, and in the cloud. By unifying a business’ internal systems and integrations, users can easily access things like critical KPIs, product […]

The article “7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Data Safe” was previously published by Epicor Chief Information Officer Rich Murr, here. It’s challenging to understand how to keep your data safe and secure from hackers. Whether you’re moving your IT assets to the cloud, keeping them on-premises, or taking a hybrid approach, data security is a top […]

The second of two release upgrades planned for 2019, the Epicor ERP Cloud 10.2.500 Update is part of the regular cloud ERP update cadence and commitment to helping businesses grow through the innovation of the Epicor Cloud ERP solution. Major releases like this bring greater usability, performance, and strategic value in a single upgrade. That’s why users […]

The needs of aerospace and defense manufacturers are increasingly complex, requiring coordination and efficiency from decision-makers to staff carrying out day-to-day operations, just like the teams they are empowering in the field. Those needs are growing more complex by the day according to this review of the defense industrial base, conducted in 2018 by the […]

Just in time manufacturing is a system of manufacturing that refines manufacturing processes, like part making, assembly, and purchasing to their essential scheduling and execution. This is in contrast to what many manufacturers succumb to in planning months in advance and stockpiling to meet projected demand based on forecasts. It revolves around production on an as-needed […]

Encompass Solutions October 2019 News And Updates October brings about a seasonal change and Autumn is the time to start thinking about where you want to go in the new year. Upgrades, new products, new systems, marketing efforts and more are all part of the bigger picture that grows your business. Start thinking about getting […]

Epicor designs and builds its enterprise applications from the ground up using state of the art connected systems architecture, referred to as the Epicor Business Architecture. A connected systems focus was chosen because enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems thrive as high-performing, approachable services that connect people, systems, and processes. Business strategy today is tightly coupled […]

If you’re not already testing your Epicor Cloud ERP system in Pilot, you should be. There are just two weeks left to test Epicor Cloud ERP 10.2.500 changes in your Pilot environment. The Epicor Live (Production) environment upgraded to 10.2.500 will take place on October 12 – 13, 2019. Testing Epicor Cloud ERP 10.2.500 In Pilot […]

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