This press release regarding Epicor’s acquisition of Majure Data was previously published by the Epicor newsroom Acquisition of Majure Data will expand Epicor solution’s portfolio for lumber and building materials dealers and distributors Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that it has acquired Majure Data, a leading […]

When it comes to medical device manufacturing, the FDA has maintained rigorous standards for manufacturers to satisfy. Traceability, quality management, and reporting are among the many areas that manufacturers need superior performance to meet those standards. The FDA push for digital means of achieving and providing a record of how standards are met has many […]

When it comes to EDI, small businesses are often compelled to implement by their larger trading partners and suppliers. While a business may think it’s too small to warrant such a change, it’s easier to get started with EDI for small businesses than one might think. EDI For Small Businesses: Burdens And Benefits There are, […]

Summer has arrived and we’re providing the best opportunities and strategies to help you keep cool and improve operations when the temperature rises. Better tools and improved operational efficiency mean you have more time to relax. Here are a few July 2019 News and Updates with opportunities for you to take advantage of this summer. […]

When it comes to running a business, everyone has a business management system. These systems may even fall into the category of Enterprise Resource Planning software, even if users don’t know it by that name. Such a system can be as simple as a whiteboard on a breakroom wall but more often will take the […]

When it comes to EDI, just like any other transformative technologies, there are factors that may present barriers before implementation can begin. There are many barriers that can present themselves when it comes to working with EDI for the first time and each may be unique a business or industry. In this case, the most […]

Now that spring cleaning is complete, it’s time to get your ship in shape for summer. We’ve got a wealth of useful resources for you to consider when improving internal processes, automating tasks, and reducing costly mistakes. Have a look at our June 2019 News And Updates for tools, techniques, and events to improve your organizational […]

Industrial automation is a topic of conversation that manufacturers all over the globe are discussing on the shop floors of production facilities and in board rooms. Industrial automation is no longer an optional component of manufacturing industries. In order to remain competitive, industrial automation must be considered to maintain a level of competitiveness in modern […]

How ERP Improves Lean Manufacturing We should start with a quick definition of lean manufacturing for the uninitiated. Lean manufacturing, also referred to as “lean”, is a commitment to minimizing waste of any kind during the manufacturing process. This includes wasted time, materials, and capital. in total, there are seven sources of waste in lean […]

Traditionally, the procurement process requires a great deal of manual effort as businesses commit resources to find and acquire goods, services, or work from external sources. These agreements require further attention as contracts need to be drawn, terms agreed to, and those agreements managed throughout the life of the manufacturer/supplier relationship. This often extends far beyond one […]

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