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Why Your Business Needs A Self-Service Customer Portal

Looking for a way to leverage the power of your ERP to deliver higher-quality customer experiences? Encompass Solutions

Looking for a way to leverage the power of your ERP to deliver higher-quality customer experiences? Encompass Solutions and Bezlio can make that connection through Epicor ERP and a Self-Service Customer Portal. To speak directly with an expert about how you can get started creating a more dynamic and customer-oriented experience, contact us using the link below.

What Is A Self-Service Customer Portal?

Think of these portals as gateways to sharing what content and data you want with a customer, so that they can interact with it on their own time and on their terms to carry out actions. The applications aren’t limited to customers, either. Self-Service Customer Portals can also be created for supply partners and vendors you work with and function in much the same way.

The information shared can include real-time order status updates, invoice history, and much more. by and large, the biggest benefit is found in the fact that, once an initial build-out is completed,  connecting the customer with the information they are looking for requires no additional effort on your end.

The Self-Service Customer portal delivers the customer’s unique data, stored within your ERP, to enhance the relationship you share, deliver mission-critical updates when necessary, and drive loyalty for your brand.

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Still not convinced your business needs a self-service customer portal? Here are four reasons why you can’t afford to not have one for your customers.

1. There’s No Reason Not to Build A Self-Service Customer Portal

While we’re sure you can see the benefits a self-service customer portal provides, you may be wondering about the back end. We’re talking about security. It’s a topic that occupies the waking nightmares and sweaty fever dreams of many IT professionals and business owners alike. The Bezlio/Epicor integration that will deliver your self-service customer portal utilizes a unique token-based security process. This process protects all of your enterprise data to the most granular levels, around the clock.

Any information you have designated a customer can access, via a security token from your system administrator, is routed securely behind your firewall. This token is required at several points to ensure that data request comes from the person or persons granted permission for that access. Following verification, a secure channel is opened via Bezlio’s cloud API to link the front-end user and the data they are cleared to access. No data is ever stored on the device, be it desktop or mobile, during or after the information is accessed.

At this point in the security conversation, it should be clear that your sensitive data is safe at all times, which means you can share securely and with peace of mind knowing no one without access will be able to view your enterprise data. Are your customers frequently requesting order and inventory information to view or check? Investing in a self-service customer portal will give them access to the information they need without having to involve your staff in the process. The ERP and self-service customer portal take care of it all for you.

2. Self-Service Customer Portal Permissions Deliver Only What Customers Need

Your Bezlio-developed self-service customer portal is completely customizable, capable of delivering all the information your customers need and nothing they don’t. That’s right, you have all the control when building out your self-service customer portal. There’s no compromising your data policies as you may experience with an off-the-shelf package.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a self-service customer portal, you may be wondering what information should be shared and what should not.

Some common data examples include order histories, tracking details, shipment information, inventory and parts look-up, order entry, and more. Due to the customizable nature of Bezlio, you can share as little or as much as you like, provided that the information you are sharing is relevant to your customers.  Dashboards, search functionality, and many other information tools can all be leveraged when setting up your self-service customer portal.

3. A Self-Service Customer Portal Will Free Your Team

A self-service customer portal pays for itself two-fold. First, it delivers relevant information your customers are looking for via a system that is open to them and secure 24/7. Second, provided you have a platform that facilitates read/write functionality, your customers are granted the ability to modify their data and handle administrative tasks within the scope of their relationship with your business. This relieves your team of certain admin duties, like placing orders, providing status updates, and reviewing inventory levels.

In providing your customers with the ability to control certain aspects of their information within your ERP system, customer data quality and accuracy are improved. Whatsmore beneficial is the fact that your team no longer needs to manage that data. As a result, your organization runs more effectively. Customer satisfaction improves alongside these organizational efficiencies.

4. A Self-Service Customer Portal Increases Customer Satisfaction And Business Performance

Customers don’t like having to wait.  Few have the time it takes to reach out and get updates on orders, invoices, inventory, or service requests. Why not give them the ability to view, update, and interact with their data when they want it, where they want it?

You’ll find that customers who are empowered to make changes and submit requests or data queries on their own time are far more satisfied with their partner relationships. The result is higher customer satisfaction and improved business performance. This is apparent with the increased volume and frequency of order placement from customers who can leverage a self-service customer portal. Handing off the viewing of the status of their repair or service requests in real-time frees your customer service team to tackle more demanding tasks, which saves you time and resources.

when combined, these benefits pave the way for quality data within your organization’s system. So, when the time comes to evaluate employee and business performance, your company leadership has the benefit of more accurate information upon which to base their decisions.

See The Benefits Of A Self-Service Customer Portal For Yourself

There are many reasons for building a self-service customer portal, and at Bezlio, the development platform has been used to create some amazing examples. If you think your organization could benefit from a self-service customer portal, we’d love to show you how this low-code development platform can help you build your own quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the cost of many other software solutions.

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