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Bezlio Brings Mobile Stability And Security To ERP

Your operations are scaling nicely at HQ, but coordinating with remote resources and even inter-departmentally in real-time is

Your operations are scaling nicely at HQ, but coordinating with remote resources and even inter-departmentally in real-time is proving to be a significant hurdle. Most of your team is in-house, while any number of employees can be out on the road, on the manufacturing facility floor, or logging in remotely. However, you need everyone connected and on the same page to be functioning at 100%. A robust ERP system fro the likes of Epicor keeps everything in the pipeline and within arm’s reach, but you’ll be pinned to the desktop when making any significant maneuvers that rely on data from your ERP systems.

Bezlio Offers Mobile ERP Solutions To Users On The Move

Developed by Saberlogic in 2016 as a response to a workforce that is increasingly on the move, the platform grants remote and secure access to the crucial data you need to reference or readjust, from anywhere.

A picture of the Saberlogic company logo

Saberlogic Developed The Epicor ERP Mobile Solution, Bezlio, To Address The Needs Of A More Mobile Workforce. Image By: Saberlogic

With an agile approach to utilizing resources remotely, Bezlio delivers a modern solution to operations that provides stability and agility in a constantly shifting environment. Keep your sales team, warehouse procedures, and audits in line and on point with live data your workforce can access on their mobile phones and tablets.

a picture of the Bezlio mobile platform logo

Mobile ERP Dashboards From Bezlio Take The Form And Shape Users Give Them. Image By: Saberlogic

Bezlio is not just a fancy interface for mobile devices. It is exactly what you want it to be, with the capability to take shape according to your needs. Robust and detailed dashboards can be created for every department, putting the data employees and executives have to see right in front of them for a streamlined process from every angle. You gain essential insights from everything, including parts inventory and payroll sheets all the way out to the big picture with quarterly trends, annual projections, and beyond.

A Picture Of Bezlio ERP Sales Module Dashboards On Different Mobile and Desktop Devices.

ERP Sales Modules Take Many Shapes With Dashboards That Are Customizable Across Devices. Image By: Saberlogic

Up And Running In A Fraction Of The Time

Compared to traditional ERP implementations, which can take months and even years to complete depending on the size of an operation, Bezlio can go from “in box” to “in action” in a day. Don’t know exactly what you want out of a dashboard or how to go about creating one? That’s OK: Bezlio has pre-made templates for your essential divisions to get them started straight away. Each template can be altered as you see fit. These exist for everything from sales to distribution, rapidly mobilizing your data for use in any direction the business day can take you.

Have existing software you need integrated? Bezlio already has direct compatibility with the most widely used enterprise tools. Plugins for Salesforce, Microsoft SQL Server, Epicor ERP, ODBC and Crystal Reports are already available.

Modern Security Without Compromise

Depending on who you’re talking to, ‘cloud’ can be considered a four-letter word. Security is on everyone’s mind, but with Bezlio you never have to compromise the integrity of your sensitive data when working in the cloud.

An infographic of Bezlio's security protocol and process

The Hierarchy Of Bezlio Security Measures Keeping Your Data Safe. Image By: Saberlogic

The platform utilizes a token-based entry system. Meaning, only those users, and their associated devices, that have been specifically granted access to the platform can access the data. Going further, admins can restrict exactly which subsets of data each user can access at any given time.

Encompass Solutions Has Your Business Covered

At Encompass Solutions, we identify opportunities for our clients in how to best refine their operations and leverage available technology to improve their processes at every stage. As a result, we make it our business to know these essential tools inside and out. Bezlio is just one of the many tools we’ve identified as instrumental at this time and place for many industries. If you’re interested in incorporating Bezlio into your existing structure, want it to be considered for an ERP implementation, or just want to know a bit more about the resources available to you, get in touch today and we’ll connect you with the right tools to achieve your goals.


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