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7 Steps To Budgeting Process Improvement

What Is Budgeting Process Improvement? When it comes to gauging corporate performance, the less time spent on non-revenue generating

What Is Budgeting Process Improvement?

When it comes to gauging corporate performance, the less time spent on non-revenue generating processes, the better. Unfortunately, the budgeting process is essential to proper performance and forecasting. That means mistakes can’t be afforded. Not only do you want to reduce the time and errors associated with manual budgeting in spreadsheets, but building an efficient process around your budgeting activities is of critical importance. Get rid of rigorous workflow processes and meet the growing needs for data security, data accuracy, and cross-functional integration of data, and remain nimble in the face of rapid change with these strategies. Budgeting Process Improvement can be achieved with ease, simply follow the steps outlined below.

1. Define The Budgeting Process

While budgeting is primarily a financial process, it affects just about every department of a business. defining the process ensures that it is managed efficiently, frees up time, and provides financial professionals the ability to conduct meaningful analyses, improve forecasting, and respond quickly to changing needs. only after the budgeting process is defined can you begin with budgeting process improvement.

2. Identify The Infrastructure That Supports Your Budgeting Process

Understand the infrastructure that supports your process. Employees, financial and project management skills, processes, and technology are what make your process run efficiently and ensure the steps required for execution are adhered to across the board.

3. Define Your Budget

A budget is a detailed account of your ability to conduct business processes based on available resources. An effective budget will provide enough detail to make sound decisions in both short-term and long-term scenarios. Defining the parameters of your budget will enable informed business decisions related to spending.

4. Define Relevant Performance Metrics For Your Budget

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will help you stay focused on the goals you have set for your company. Be sure to set these KPIs at the onset of your budgeting, the resulting budget, and related processes to determine the financial health of your organization as it relates to revenue growth, earnings growth, debt reduction, and EBITDA margin.

5. Enable And Encourage Collaboration

Siloed systems and departments are characteristic of poorly organized businesses. By enabling and actively encouraging collaboration among your staff, budget-related issues can be addressed and resolved much more quickly, while new standards for your organization can be detailed, understood, adopted, and monitored more effectively.

6. Plan For Changing Conditions

The only constant changes, so plan accordingly. Businesses that are already in or want to be in a position of industry leadership need their budgeting and planning processes to be in line with this philosophy. Planning scenarios, maintaining an understanding of the latest trends, and implementing best practices all contribute to an organization’s overall financial health as a byproduct of budgeting process improvement.

7. Consider Utilizing Purpose-Built Budgeting Software

Adopting software solutions designed to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of budgeting processes yields measurable time savings for finance professionals. Industry analysts Aberdeen Group recently identified how Best-in-Class organizations use software automation solutions to increase the efficiency of budgeting and achieve tangible benefits. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software is designed to help such organizations automate budgeting and planning processes.

Budgeting Action Items And Next Steps

Interested in learning more about what you can do to reduce the time committed to your company budgeting efforts? Want more insights and concrete data regarding your performance in the marketplace? Download the free whitepaper for these details, action items, and more. Otherwise, you can reach out to us directly using the link below for more information or a demonstration of how Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software can improve operations for your organization.

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