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4G Versus 5G Wireless Technology: The Road Ahead (Part 3)

As with any next-generation technology, headwinds and setbacks are bound to occur. When I hear the word headwind,

As with any next-generation technology, headwinds and setbacks are bound to occur. When I hear the word headwind, I immediately recall my days as a road-warrior consultant and the vast number of airline miles I’ve racked up through the years. On occasion, an airliner will encounter headwinds slowing it down, but it keeps flying and eventually arrives at its destination – maybe not as soon as you would have liked. So too is the road ahead for 5G. Let’s jump right into the third-installment of our 4G versus 5G wireless technology series.

4G Versus 5G Wireless: What’s Stopping Advancement

Over the next two posts, I will cover two of the concerns keeping 5G technology from really taking flight. Security and unauthorized access to private small-cell networks is the first concern. Fortunately, this is likely solvable given enough resources. The signalling protocols (SS7) developed for earlier generation cell technologies are inadequate to handle the demand being placed on 5G networks.

In Part 1, I mentioned 5G is 10x faster than 4G. As a result of these faster speeds, it will open up new avenues for cybersecurity threats. Much like your home or office networks now, you will do more of these functions over 5G cellular networks. Things like email, video conferences, streaming NetFlix, e-commerce, and online banking will all be new avenues for cybercriminals. By a show of hands, how many of you have antivirus on your cell phones or cellular-connected devices today? Not many, if any.

Despite this challenge, many security experts predict increasingly complex security measures will emerge in the next twelve to eighteen months. These security advancements will give peace of mind to companies looking to harness the power and speed of 5G technology.

In part 4, I will examine the second biggest headwind; you might want to brush up on your physics.

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