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4G Versus 5G Wireless Technology: The Road Ahead (Part 2)

5G wireless technology has a lot of potentials. In this post, I will explore several of the front-running

5G wireless technology has a lot of potentials. In this post, I will explore several of the front-running industries setting themselves apart by taking advantage of 5G.

Ten years ago, autonomous vehicles were just getting started and were thought to be something out of “The Jetsons”. Fast-forward a few years and we finally have driverless cars being tested in some areas of the country. The backbone behind this? 5G technology. That’s right 5G is the mobile technology that will propel self-driving vehicles into large-scale adoption; you can read more about it here. Let’s continue the 5G vs 4G conversation taking place right now.

5G Wireless Technology Shortly

In the next few years, the healthcare industry is anticipating the use of 5G to quickly and reliably transmit large data files. MRI images, for example, currently take a long time to transfer over the network to other doctors or specialists. By using 5G technology, these transmissions will become quicker, more reliable, and sent securely to protect patient privacy. Healthcare systems also will use 5G to stream real-time high-quality video for better doctor-patient interaction. By doing so providers will make telemedicine an everyday occurrence. You can read a bit more about that, here.

an image of healthcare professionals and patients leveraging 5g wireless technology

How John Deere Plan To Leverage 5G Wireless Technology

When you hear the name John Deere, visions of tractors and Midwest America pop into your head, right? What if I told you this 180-year-old bellwether of a company is leading the charge in farming automation? You’d probably think I’m crazy – and you might be right – but not because of this. John Deere, with its acquisition of Blue River, is looking to advance farm equipment well beyond what most people thought possible. With their integration of automated driving technology, computer vision systems, and applications, some experts believe farmers will be able to double or triple their annual yield. Learn about 5G and the future of farming here.

Up Next For 5G Wireless Technology

While 5G wireless technology promises huge disruption in just about every global industry, it is not without resistance. There are quite a few barriers for 5G to overcome before it’s ubiquitous and in part 3 of this series, I will discuss some of the headwinds 5G wireless technology faces in the coming years.

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