The latest release of Epicor Advanced Requisition Management (ARM), v10.3 SP5, is here! In addition to features incorporated as part of Epicor ERP’s scheduled product roadmap, the updates in this release have been influenced by requests received from Epicor ARM customers. Email notification enhancements, mandatory attachments and updates to standing orders are just some of […]

What follows is part one of a multi-part blog post on selecting handheld mobile barcode scanners. Many questions, thoughts, and general discussions take place during the selection process. I will attempt to give you some overall guidance, but ultimately your decision should be based on your internal operations and preferences. There are several key components […]

As I mentioned in the previous post, a bigger concern in 4G Versus 5G Wireless Technology is a physics problem – more specifically, an electromagnetic spectrum issue. If you’ll recall from your science class days, the electromagnetic spectrum is a collection of all known frequencies in the universe [reference image below]. Here in the United […]

As with any next-generation technology, headwinds and setbacks are bound to occur. When I hear the word headwind, I immediately recall my days as a road-warrior consultant and the vast number of airline miles I’ve racked up through the years. On occasion, an airliner will encounter headwinds slowing it down, but it keeps flying and […]