Summer is a season know for bringing the heat. For many of us working-types, that heat can take the form of reporting and analytics on a business’ latest efforts and performance over time. Unfortunately, that’s not a heat we can avoid in our climate-controlled, AC-cooled offices, desks, and cubicles. However, that heat can be beaten […]

Join Encompass Solutions and Bezlio for an overview and demonstration of Bezlio, a low-code/no-code cloud solution that empowers teams and provides powerful mobility with Epicor ERP and Infor Visual ERP systems. The front-end architecture enables you to mobilize your workforce and sales force by accessing your secure, on-premises data sources in real-time, on any mobile […]

A business unit of CSA Ocean Sciences, SeaRobotics is an SMB that is transitioning from a custom-engineered and prototyping house into a manufacturer of configurable autonomous maritime vehicles. Theirs has been an engineer and build to order process that they would like to standardize into more of a configure-and-build from standardized components driven by new investors. SeaRobotics […]

The Challenge Briskheat currently utilizes Epicor ERP to run their organization’s production activities and admin tasks. A critical component of day-to-day operation, Epicor is used to track projects, manage time, more accurately schedule and plan production activities, as well as collect essential data on processes throughout their production and admin facilities. Prior to bringing on […]

This press release regarding Epicor’s acquisition of Majure Data was previously published by the Epicor newsroom Acquisition of Majure Data will expand Epicor solution’s portfolio for lumber and building materials dealers and distributors Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today that it has acquired Majure Data, a leading […]

5G wireless technology has a lot of potential. In this post, I will explore several of the front-running industries setting themselves apart by taking advantage of 5G. Ten years ago, autonomous vehicles were just getting started and were thought to be something out of “The Jetsons”. Fast-forward a few years and we finally have driverless […]

Before talking about the future, we need to reminisce a bit. Remember when 4G technology was a pioneer in wireless networking? Remember when everyone wanted the latest smartphone so they could stream videos, check Facebook or be the first to tweet about something the Kardashian’s did? Remember when everyone was excited about the latest-n-greatest and […]

When it comes to medical device manufacturing, the FDA has maintained rigorous standards for manufacturers to satisfy. Traceability, quality management, and reporting are among the many areas that manufacturers need superior performance to meet those standards. The FDA push for digital means of achieving and providing a record of how standards are met has many […]

When it comes to EDI, small businesses are often compelled to implement by their larger trading partners and suppliers. While a business may think it’s too small to warrant such a change, it’s easier to get started with EDI for small businesses than one might think. EDI For Small Businesses: Burdens And Benefits There are, […]

Summer has arrived and we’re providing the best opportunities and strategies to help you keep cool and improve operations when the temperature rises. Better tools and improved operational efficiency mean you have more time to relax. Here are a few July 2019 News and Updates with opportunities for you to take advantage of this summer. […]