2019 ERP Trends 2019 ERP trends and digital transformation strategies can take many shapes. However, an ERP solution may exist as the most powerful tool to empower businesses. These systems unify people, processes, and resources within a single environment, more importantly, one that provides a single source of the truth (read data). With a modern ERP system […]

Manufacturers and Manufacturing solution providers are eager to learn about what industry leaders and professionals forecast as the 2019 Manufacturing trends to keep a close eye on. NetSuite’s Senior Director for Global Manufacturing Center of Excellence David Gustovich sat down in a recent interview with Hayley Null, NetSuite’s Manufacturing Industry Marketing Lead, to discuss the 2019 Manufacturing […]

We’re happy to see our partners at Avalara delivering top tech solutions, like AI with their recent acquisition of Indix, to empower businesses of every size. These tools will be instrumental in enabling businesses to better address compliance and regulation issues surrounding their taxes. Avalara is one of the leading providers of tax compliance automation […]

EDI 870 Order Status Report In Electronic Document Interchange (EDI), the EDI 870 Order Status Report is an electronic version of a paper-based Order Status Report. The EDI 870 Order Status Report is utilized by a supplier in response to an EDI 869 Order Status Inquiry that has been provided by a trading partner. The […]